As a last cultural experience you can find a big traditional house, maybe a tree house in a African Corner Stone garden. This is the place for those who want to relax in a cool place during the hot day. You may enjoy your traditional Chagga meal here, maybe while you wait while your car is being washed or just enjoy the view of Mount Kilimanjaro with a fresh fruit juice or lemonade. There might all so be local and traditional games like Tanzanias “Bao” for you’re pleasure.

– The Oopacabana Orchestra, Green Donkey Cooperations
De la ville Jérémieh Matadi Foundation – Congo Kinshasa RDC

Turn to Gold


Letter from the Publisher & President:

African/Nordic citizen Co-founder & Chief Director for NNC-IRRI: I would like to welcome you to the partnership and contribution wing, in bringing, serving and organize Lectures and Seminars on Science & Technology, News Topics, Sustainable Developments, Tourism, Politics, History, Business & Investments, Wealth Cycles, Environmental Economy, Financial Sustainability, Cultural Investment & Intellectual Transfer through established or sourcing of Exchange Programmes called Contributionism!

You may be curious about the different opinions regarding what people say about Homosexually and Lesbianism because it has been a key issue for many nations news outlets in both African and Nordic regions and may be so for years to come. This forum is for your information on local, national and international exchange Programmes/Contributionism platforms for you as an individual, NGO, non-profit or GOV organisation.


At the moment NNC-IRRI together with The African Corner Stone “De la ville Jérémieh Matadi Foundation – Congo Kinshasa RDC” seek to develop and grow association and mirror-organisations.

NNC-IRRI works in collaboration with this African corner stone team of associations to register and establish consultancy networks within Africa to create and develop the best teams based on family and township, which will work and grow its networks with intellectual capital and Resource Research from within and outside Nordic Region and Africa.

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Share and spread Research and Resources with the rest of the amazing world.

Samuel Lafiz

– Publisher & President
Samuel Lafiz NMS Andreasson

CEO Mbenza & Schneeweiss Holding AB – De la ville Jérémieh Matadi Foundation, Congo Kinshasa RDC
Publisher NNC-IRRI

The Nordic News Center & International Resource Research Institute
The African Corner Stone, De la ville Jérémieh Matadi Foundation – Congo Kinshasa RDC in association with PRRICM.org,
Platform Resource Research International Contributionism Management

This website contains programmes and activities, which are a part of the institute’s aim to inform and give support to local, national and international congregations and multilateral co-operation.

International Contributionism and Multilateral Co-operation
NNC & IRRI (Nordic News Center & International Resource Research Institute)

We have as our mission first and foremost to facilitate and implement a number of Scandinavian/Baltic-EU and African programmes, as well as other international, local and national programmes for child protection, family assemblies/townships collaboration and exchange.

NNC & IRRI (Nordic News Centre International Resource and Research Institute) manages the exchange with focus on Africa, The European Union, Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. Our role in this programme varies depending upon financiers and the nature of the project; from having full responsibility for information, administration, applications as well as project processes to subsequent follow-ups in terms of information and spreading of results for promotion, through which other companies can make decisions.

building construction

Through the programmes and activities we undertake, NNC & IRRI, The Resource Research Institute shall: 

  • Highlight and support developmental processes and possibility within education and competence-development within the framework of international cooperation within private and public exchange entities
  • Contribute towards ensuring that the our partners within the  Educational System for companies and organisations are given the best possible requisites in order make use of the various possibilities which this international co-operation, within township, family and child protection education and competence exchange development, has to offer
  • Serve as a cooperative-hub between the North, EU, the Baltic Sates and Africa within the aspects of education and competence development. 

We offer support to the entire educational, business and tourism sector

Through our programme and activities, kindergartens, other levels of schools, universities, companies, organisations and private individuals take part of everything from local to international cooperative projects to internship and studies abroad. 

Research institute and job-market are searching for prospective employees with internationally accredited education/practice and contacts. Present business trends incline towards the international arena, students and youth will inevitably work in international environments, in companies with international employees, clients or overseas.

The word ‘international contributionism’ encapsulates cooperation and exchange between and among different nations. Through cooperation, exchange and the establishing of contact, knowledge, experience and ideas can be relayed. This leads to reciprocal development.

We, in the north, will invariably offer much to other countries; we will inevitably need to learn from other countries, privately and business-wise.

When teachers and other personnel within schools -career and adult education- gain an international perspective on education, this has a direct effect on the quality of learning and education within these contexts, in that it is enriched and placed under the microscope of new ways of thinking and interpretation.

NNC & IRRI has as its mission, to promote international exchange and cooperation within research, human resource, entrepreneurship and education. Regardless of what you study or what you work with within education, you can still take part in our programmes and activities. This programme targets various levels and forms of exchange-education between Africa-EU the Nordic Regions, the Baltic States and the rest of Europe: from pre-school to university, research on career and adult education to enhance the protection of children, families and their townships.

The purpose of NNC & IRRI

  • NNC & International Resource & Research institute is a service, resource and research organisation for children, families, communes, townships and regions with the task of stimulating and supporting the local and regional development in various countries and regions, especially with the bevy of possibilities, which membership in the European Union that some members in a family or associations furnishes. 
  • NNC & International Resource Research institute offers possibilities for its readers and members to develop ideas, which lie at the forefront of Africa’s and Europe’s Developments with focus on Nordic Regions cooperative development and to utilise local and regional interests within EU/Africa 

This endeavour is driven through two offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Matadi, Congo Kinshasa RDC, with ongoing possibilities for development in Brussels. The board, which is the organisation’s highest decision-making organ consists of additional posts from Mbenza & Schneeweiss Holding AB International, which represents the organisation’s regional knowledge and sustainable business and tourism development together with its selected regional partners.


Business trips

NNC & International Resource Research Institute has as its goal, an annually arranged contact and exchange trip for the industry within Africa-Europa, the Baltic Region and Scandinavia. These present a unique occasion for your companies to form valuable contacts. This can, for example, have to do with finding a new supplier, collaborator or importer. We even have co-operation with organisations such as MS Holding AB, which conduct international co-operation with actors within Business and Hotel/Resorts with their own exchange of knowledge, business interests and cultural exchange programmes such as the Nordic Sami Pharmacy, Green Donkey Cooperations, Nsumbu Mbenza Oopacabana, The African Corner Stone De la ville Jérémieh Matadi Foundation – Congo Kinshasa RDC within own contexts and others.

The aim of this daily programme office and news enterprise is:

The relaying of news, distributions and surveillance

Conduct research and the gathering of knowledge for public benefit

Promote sustainability’s development both within private and public co-operation

  • To come up with projects with the ambition of  developing Europe, Nordic Countries, the Baltic Region and Africa
  • Encourage and support members’ participation in EU’s, Arfrica’s, Scandinavia’s and the Baltic Region’s foundations, funds and exchange programmes
  • Build networks with other actors within the exchange endeavours, localy within and between regions

NNC goal and vision is to launch the website in, French, Lingala, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese, and German language pages, which will contain translations of articles. Arabic, Italian, and Serbian languages will be launched further down the road.

One of our visions and goals as a media outlet is to establish a NNC & IRRI live transmission and TV website, which will feature selected videos as well as commentary, analysis and news coverage

NNC favours that our news articles are used as source material by colleges and universities students. Moreover, we recommend universities, libraries and research institutions to establish web links to NNC on their respective web sites.

NNC must also be a source of specialised information and analysis for journalists, senior government officials, financial analysts and non-governmental organizations.

In 2014, we will inaugurate the template of our new website.

This year we also launch our Watch Now Radio Show: The Nordic News Center Transmission. We will inform on wich FM networks and webbpages later on. (We hope to collaborate with the news outlet STHLMEKOT.SE a citizens Local Production vehicle and Media ensemble localy based in Solna, Stockholm Sweden. Co-works with University and the local community radio networks to start with.

Since the first start, Nordic News Center has always been working on the improvement and establishment of a professional international network of authors, scholars and investigative journalists. NNC & IRRI counts among its regular contributors, a number of prominent writers, researchers  and academics as well as several promising young authors. The underlying concept is the “democratisation” of research and media reporting, while maintaining high standards of investigation and analysis.

Many of our Nordic News Center & IRRI authors have developed their own blog sites. Our focus has been to acknowledge and support our authors’ blog sites, while also promoting several partner alternative media websites. In turn, Nordic News Center & IRRI articles are widely cross-posted by the independent online media.

Emphasis has been placed on establishing a comprehensive archive of NNC & IRRI articles and audio-visual material.

The Nordic News Center & IRRI archive includes several thousand articles and news reports.

In addition, internet is free, several thousand authors have and will continue to contribute to NNC & IRRI ideas of opinion.

Since the launching of Nordic News Center & IRRI we have developed an archive of materials and videos, classified by theme and geographic region.

Nordic News Center & IRRI is in the game to win and be awarded by first and fore most the People, and different Press Club Prizes, for the “Best Research Website” at the international level.

Nordic News Center & IRRI support and see several of its opinion authors strive to be and in many cases are reviewed as winners.

Nordic News Center & IRRI has as a goal to become one of the main open alternative media websites in the World based in African, Nordic and Baltic regions.

While Nordic News Center & IRRI operates on a shoe string budget compared to the well-endowed establishment think tanks, our goal is still to have more readers than the the Big Think Tanks and old Media Dinosaurs.

How you can Help Nordic News Center & IRRI

It is crucial that the articles published on Nordic News Center reach a broad readership.

We encourage our readers to cross-post and/or forward NNC & IRRI articles, post them on Facebook and Twitter, submit them to internet discussion groups, send them to your friends on your e-mail lists, etc. This will help Nordic News Center & IRRI in its endeavours.

Nordic News Center & IRRI sends selected articles by email at no charge in the form of an electronic newsletter through membership.

To Subscribe to our E-Newsletter and/or become a Member of Nordic News Center, Click Here

Donate to NNCs International Resource Research Institute

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How to Use this Site

Nordic News Center & IRRI provides news and feature articles. The latter consist of opinion articles, analytical articles as well as detailed research reports on important topics.

Both news and feature articles are categorised by Geographical RegionMajor Theme and In-depth Reports.

The Intl Research collection of several thousand articles constitutes an invaluable source of information and analysis for the conduct of research on economic, political, strategic, social,  cultural and environmental issues.

Articles in our archive are also categorised by, organisation, author and by country.  An internal Google search by key word is also available.


Nordic News Center & IRRI welcomes submissions of news and feature articles. The latter consist of opinion articles, analytical articles as well as detailed research reports on important topics. We especially look for collaborations with growing African sources.

Sources and references should be indicated where applicable with a view to ensuring a high degree of accuracy. For web-based references, hyperlink addresses of main sources should also be indicated where applicable to enable readers to access key documents.

Texts must be carefully edited prior to submission. Contributors are requested to submit a final draft. Revisions and/or updates to the text of the article will not be added once the article is published.

NNC & IRRI has the discretion to edit articles and undertake minor modifications prior to publication.

While Resource Research welcomes broad political critique and analysis, we do not publish polemics directed against individual authors.

Articles should always be sent in the body of your email message. With regard to style and format: single space default font, same size default font throughout, no paragraph indentation, indentation of quotes with “quotation marks”, line space between paragraphs and paragraph headings, paragraph headings in lower case bold left justified. Notes at the end of the article. Please do not use CAPS (in text or title) or underline.

Endnotes and endnote numbering should be entered as text to allow for easy conversion, rather than encrypted (with a hyperlink) as in a word document. Hyperlinks can be used to link to sources and references, Do not, however attach hyperlinks to endnote numerals. Use Arabic numerals ( rather than Roman (i, ii, iii…).  The text of the submission should appear in text form in the body of the email message.

The article should include a short biographical blurb (1-3 sentences) on the author at the foot of the article in italics, with the author’s name in bold.

While shorter articles, including news items, are often published on the same day, following their submission, for longer detailed feature articles, the editorial review may take several days. Longer articles should not normally exceed 8000 words.

Due to the high volume of emails, we are not able to acknowledge individual submissions or communicate editorial decisions. All articles published by Nordic News Center & IRRI in accordance with PRRICM.org will include an author’s copyright note.

Live: Total Insanity! North Korea Announces Nuclear Sneak Attack Plan Nuclear war is on the horizon, according to reports Infowars.com – December 30, 2017
NNC & IRRI, Top Stories

Live: Total Insanity! North Korea Announces Nuclear Sneak Attack Plan Nuclear war is on the horizon, according to reports Infowars.com – December 30, 2017

CNN Faces Backlash After Pro-Iran Regime Coverage Fake news media coverage favorable to Iranian dictatorship Jamie White | Infowars.com – December 30, 2017

CNN Faces Backlash After Pro-Iran Regime Coverage Fake news media coverage favorable to Iranian dictatorship Jamie White | Infowars.com – December 30, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Exposes Horrific Conditions Inside Amazon From bed bugs to migrants washing their butts in the sinks Infowars.com – December 31, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Exposes Horrific Conditions Inside Amazon From bed bugs to migrants washing their butts in the sinks Infowars.com – December 31, 2017

Nordic News Center